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Genital Wart Removal

Genital Warts Successfully Removed with Carbon Dioxide Laser

Our doctors discretely and effectively remove genital warts caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The laser vaporizes warts at their deepest level with the energy of light. Laser energy is delivered through an operating microscope that allows the doctor to see tiny warts not visible to the naked eye. Destroying tiny warts greatly increases the success rate of clearing warts. Laser treatment is fast, safe and comfortable.

How is laser treatment different from other methods of treatment?

Other methods of treatment involve freezing, burning or application of acid to warts. These methods are very often ineffective and painful. Laser removal of warts is precise and guaranteed to treat the greatest amount of diseased tissue.

Will I experience a lot of pain?

The doctors inject sensitive areas with a local anesthetic. The laser seals up the area where warts are removed, which lessens discomfort. Most people remain quite comfortable following treatment. Medications and warm soaks can be prescribed when needed.

Do venereal warts reoccur?

New ones can reoccur, but most people enjoy steady progress towards health.

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