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Skin discoloration, melasma, and sun damage treatments

Laser Treatment For Skin Discoloration

Age spots, melasma, redness caused by sun damage, and other forms of sun damage disappear with Broadband Light treatment, Q-Switched YAG  laser treatment, the Thulium Laser, and the Ruby Laser. The doctors often advise the use of additional services such as microdermabrasion and customized medical grade skin products.   It is their goal to give you more youthful and radiant skin.

How will my skin look after treatment?

You will experience some redness for a day or two. Redness can be covered up with corrective makeup available at our office. Treated areas frequently go through a period of sloughing as healthy skin replaces damaged skin. You need to hydrate skin with a good moisturizer during this period. The end result is beautiful!

Will I be comfortable during treatment?

Absolutely. We apply a lidocaine based cream prior to treatment. Most people are quite comfortable with that alone but we have other options such as numbing the area if necessary.

Do age spots and redness reoccur?

Skin treated with laser therapy tends to stay clear unless you go out in the sun unprotected. You can certainly form new lesions with sun exposure. Ask about our medical grade sun blocks and rejuvenation products designed to protect your skin.

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