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Laser Wart Removal

What are Warts?warts | laser wart removal - laser center of maryland

Warts are skin growths caused by the human papillolomavirus (HPV). They are generally considered harmless, but they are contagious and can spread to other parts of the body.

Warts that are common include:

  • Finger warts
  • Plantar (soles of feet)
  • Flat (arms & legs)
  • Periungual (under nails)
  • Genital warts are a different strain of the HPV virus.

Laser Wart Removal

Laser wart removal is more comfortable and effective than other removal methods such as freezing, cutting and the application of acid. Our board certified physicians use laser treatment for removal. For example, the PulseDye Laser works by cutting off the blood supply to the wart.  After treatment, the wart dries up and sloughs off.

Benefits of Laser Wart Removal

  • Fast, effective and comfortable
  • Used on all parts of the body
  • More effective compared to other treatments
  • Appropriate for children

Is laser treatment painful?

Laser treatments are fairly comfortable. Our doctors numb the skin for the treatment. Ibuprofen usually controls post treatment discomfort.

Will the warts come back?

Most warts are permanently removed after one treatment. Approximately 20% will need a second treatment, and 10% will need a third treatment.

Learn about individual treatments:

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