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Broadband Light Rejuvenates  Sun Damaged Skin
Get your face, neck & chest treated for $1500.00


Grab this once a year special at a savings of $700.00.  BBL treatment has a minimal downtime but it has a maximal impact on your skin.  Our doctors use it to repair sun damage, to clean up age spots and redness, and to make the skin more luminous.  It is the ultimate anti-aging tool.  Get our special offer this August.  Call (410) 544-4600 for a FREE consultation.  Transformation Now!




Say Goodbye to double chins with laser liposuction

Enjoy a $500 discount this August


Dr. Jared Mallalieu removes fat deposits under the chin and on the neck with laser liposuction.  Treatment is minimally invasive and fat is removed forever.  Treatment is comfortable and you will notice WOW results once the swelling subsides.  Save $500.00 this August on treatment.

Testosterone Replacement Improves Mood and Sexual Desire-no increase in heart attack or stroke

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that men administered testosterone levels like that of younger men experienced an increase in their sexual desire and activity as well as an improvement in their mood (Weintraub, 2016, Forbes).  No increased risk for heart attacks or strokes was found for those treated.  These are important statistical findings for men in need of testosterone support.    Dr. Ross VanAntwerp offers Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men with Low T.   Call 443-534-0781 for more information.




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