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Correct  Your Skin with BBL and Halo Laser
Save $500 on This Combination for Mother’s Day!

The combination of these two treatments takes your face to a whole new level of correction and luminous complexion.  It knocks out brown and red pigmentation caused by sun damage, it reduces wrinkles, and it is an anti-aging treatment that improves your skin at the cellular level.  We have gift certificates available if you want a great Mother’s Day gift idea.  Call(410) 544-4600 for more information.



 Botox Happy Hour Thursday, May 31st
Enjoy Great Prices on Botox and Dermal Fillers


In honor of hardworking moms we offer a special Botox Happy Hour.  Botox/Dysport is offered at a 10% discount, and dermal fillers purchased on the day of the event will also be offered at a 10% discount.  This is your chance to ease and fill the wrinkles that life has brought to you.  Call (410) 544-4600  to insure your appointment.  Refreshments always accompany treatment time!




DermaSweep microdermabrasion is a great way to sweep away dull sun damaged skin, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, to encourage blood circulation to the treated area, and to have a more luminous complexion  It is an excellent way to improve your look before a special event.  Gift certificates are available if you want to give a unique and appreciated Mother’s Day gift!



Check Out New Versa Dermal Filler! 

Our doctors recently introduced Versa Dermal Filler as yet another tool to fill deep lines, to add volume to cheeks, and to shape and add volume to lips.  Versa is a highly versatile filler made from a naturally occurring substance.  Find out how you can save $150.00 on your first renewal treatment and how you can earn points towards a FREE treatment.  Call (410) 544-4600 to learn more.

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