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The CelluSmooth Laser evens out dimpled cellulite
Get treated this January at a $500 discount

The CelluSmooth Laser provides effective treatment for dimpled cellulite on the thighs and hips.  This unique treatment breaks down the bands that pulls skin into dimples.  Treatment is comfortable and fast and can be done with a local anesthetic.  Just one treatment improves your contour.  Call 410-544-4600 for a FREE consultation.


MiraDry Treatment STOPS underarm sweat!
This January get treated at a $300 discount


MiraDry treatment for underarm sweat STOPS sweat in its tracks. It is an FDA approved non-surgical way to reduce sweat forever. Our medical staff delivers carefully controlled energy to the armpits to permanently disable sweat glands. You can be confident that just one or two treatments gives you comfortable and immediate results FREE consultations at 410-544-4600. Get Sweat Free!


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