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Get to Know the Cool that is CoolSculpting®

Lasers can get pretty toasty, and since our name is the Laser Center of Maryland it’s tempting to think that we’re all about heat. Not so. In fact, when it comes to losing stubborn pockets of fat, at the Laser Center of Maryland we’re downright chilly. That’s because we offer CoolSculpting® to our patients. You’ve […]

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laser hair removal

Show that Unwanted Hair Who’s the Boss

Unwanted hair is like your mother-in-law. No matter what you do, she just keeps coming back for Sunday dinners. You shave, pluck, wax, and use napalm-like creams to remove the stuff but then two or three weeks later there it is again. At the Laser Center of Maryland, we put our Apogee, Broadband Light, and […]

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Who Says You Have to Be Sweaty All the Time?

There are times when everyone is sweating, like during one of our brutal summer heatwaves here in Maryland. But there are also times when it seems like you’re the only one doing the sweating. If that sounds like you then maybe it’s time to try miraDry at the Laser Center of Maryland. What is miraDry? […]

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miraDry Treatment successfully stops underarm sweat!

  MiraDry treatment provides a safe and lasting solution for excessive underarm sweat, an embarrassing condition called hyperhidrosis.  The FDA cleared this effective treatment after reviewing a robust, randomized, and blinded clinical study of 120 patients at seven clinics across the U.S.  Other studies support the safety and success of treatment, showing 90 percent efficacy […]

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CoolSculpting Explained

When people hear about a procedure that can reduce body fat in an area up to 25 percent without surgery or downtime they’re skeptical. But that’s exactly what happens for Laser Center of Maryland patients when they opt to have CoolSculpting. There is some mystery surrounding the procedure, so here’s some background on CoolSculpting. A […]

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Sweat stains- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Nobody likes to have yellow sweat stains, or deodorant streaks on their clothes. Stains that are white and greasy are probably caused by antiperspirants according to howstuffworks.com. Sweat stains tend to be yellow and stiff. Sources from across the Internet make these sweat removal suggestions. Before washing, dampen the stain and put meat tenderizer on […]

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miraDry Treatment Permanently Stops Underarm Sweat

FDA cleared miraDry eliminates sweat, odor, yellow stains, and deodorant marks on favorite clothing. The treatment carefully targets, heats and disables sweat glands resulting in immediate and permanent results. Physicians use a new generation of microwave energy to perform this non-invasive office procedure. Treatment takes about one hour from start to finish. The doctor numbs […]

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Toenail Talk!

Nail fungus, officially known as onychomycosis, is a fungal infection of the nails. The infection often causes peeling, thickening and discoloration of the nail. Studies show that 14% of the general population and up to 60% of the elderly suffer from onychomycosis. Risk factors for development include trauma, increasing age, male gender and occupational or […]

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Did you miss the Coolsculpting event?

If you missed our coolsculpting event last Thursday then you missed out! There is good news though. We are extending our special pricing through the end of the year! Come in and take advantage of the device voted “Best Body Treatment” by New Beauty Magazine. The treatment is completely non-invasive (you can sit there and […]

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Wendy Williams and sweaty armpits

If that got your attention just watch this link to find out what she did (and what you can do too!): http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/wendy-williams-how-she-dropped-30-pounds For a free miraDry Consultation call us at 410-544-4600!

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